Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



Ultrasonic flaw detector GUF700

★ User friendly dialog interactive helps operations like Calibration,makingcurves, etc.

★ All tools you need: DAC, AVG, TCG,color Bscan, AWS, etc.

★ Pulse Repeatition Frequency: 10-10000Hz precise adjust, high speed scan, no miss out.

★ High Signal to noise ratio, clear and stable echo, anti-noise design, perfect for tough working conditions.

★ 12-digit AD, high speed sampling leads to better echo diagram with all details. Sensitive and can detect even tiny flaws.

★ Can use probe frequency 25M perfectly .

★ High speed real-time flaw detection video recording. Unlimited USB data storage.

★ Blue tooth connection to mobile device to generate and print detection reports on-site.

★ IP65 standard. Alloy + Silica gel case, water and dust proof, solid and lasts forever. Damping support makes it stands in any angle.

★ Battery lasts 15 hours for one charge. Each battery has own charging control so with two batteries it can work around the clock.






Main interface






Making DAC


 Coded echo  






Report list


Color Bscan




Range:0-15000 mm ,at steel velocity

Material Velocity:100~20000 m/s

Pulse Repetition Frequency:10-10000Hz

Dynamic range:≥38dB

Linearity: Horizontal: +/-0.2%, Vertical: 2.0%(Horizontal:+/-0.2% FSW Vertical: 0.25% FSH )

Resolving Power:>40dB (5P14)

Sensitivity Leavings:>68dB

Reject (suppression): 0 to 80% full screen height

500 independence setup, any criterion can be input freely, we can work in the scene without test block;

Big memory of 1000 A graph

Test Modes: Pulse echo, dual element and thru-transmission

Probe Types: Single Straight, Single Angle,Daul Straight, Daul Anlge,Thrugh,Creeping,Surface

Gate Monitors: Two independent gates controllable over entire sweep range

Units: Inch or millimeter

Power Requirements: AC Mains 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Display Delay: -20 to 3400 µs

Probe Delay/Zero Offset : 0 to 99.99µs

Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery pack rated 7.2V at 8000 mAh

15 hours nominal operating time depending on display brightness

4 hours typical recharge time

H×W×D(mm):260×175×60 (mm)

Weight :1.2kg

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature: -30℃ to 50℃

Pulse Energy: 70V,100V,200V, 300V, 400V, 500V selectable

Rectification: Positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, RF System

Bandwidth (amplifier bandpass ): 0.2 to 35 MHz

Gate Monitors: Two independent gates controllable over entire sweep range

Sensitivity: 120 dB max in selectable resolution 0.1, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0 dB.

Transducer Connections: BNC or LEMO


Automated display precise flaw location(Depth d、level p、distance s、amplitude、sz dB、ф).

Flaw sizing: Automatic flaw sizing using AVG or DAC/TCG, speeds reporting of defect acceptance or rejection.

Automated calibration of transducer Zero-point, Angles, Front edge and material Velocity . ( V2 and two hole )

Convenient to make and use DAC/TCG and AVG to evaluate the echo, the curve can be modified and compensated.

Connectting U-Disk,the unit can get unlimited memory.

Automated make video of test process and play; use upan,the length of video is unlimited.

Color Bscan.

There are 17 standards of in the unit.

Blue tooth connection to mobile device to generate and print detection reports on-site. AWS D1.1.

Curved Surface Correction feature.

Crack Height Measure function.

Magnify gate:spreading of the gate range over the entire screen width.

Auto-gain function.

Envelope: Simultaneous display of live A-scan at 70 Hz update rate and envelope of A-scan


Peak Hold: Compare frozen peak waveforms to live A-Scans to easily interpret test results.

Scan Freeze:Display freeze holds waveform and sound path data.

Alarm:Beep and LED.

Real Time Clock.

Fill echo.

Capture mark.

Echo color within the Gate.

Base Instrument Package

Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Straight Beam Transducer (2.5 MHz, Φ20)

Angle Beam Transducer (4 MHz, 8 mm×9 mm, 60°)

Interconnect Cable for the transducer (Q9-C5)

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Package, 8 amp hour

Power supply/charger unit

Operating Manual in English

App Software

PC Software