Portable Hardness Tester




GH1000 Portable Hardness Tester


-Advanced Leeb hardness model

-Automatic identification of Impact devices

-High performance rechargeable Li battery, intelligent charging management

-Optional Software to connect with PC,Support data query, storage, statistics and histogram display and other functions

-Mass storage,Bluetooth communication

-Upper and lower limit and sound alarm

-2.8” TFT,320*240 Pixel, showing all functions and parameters

-Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL

-For all metallic materials

-Test at any angle, even upside down

-Wide measuring range

-Six Impact Devices are available for special application

-Battery low indication and sound alarm

Technical Specification

Hardness scaleHL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS
Memory510 file,47 ~ 341 groups (Impact times:32 ~ 1) per file
Measuring rangeHLD(170 ~ 960), HRA(59 ~ 85), HRB(13 ~ 100),
HRC(20 ~ 68), HB(19 ~ 651), HV(80 ~ 967), HS(30 ~ 100)
Tensile strength U.T.S. range374 ~ 2652 MPa
Accuracy±6HLD (760±30HLD) error of displayed value
6HLD (760±30HLD) repeatability of displayed value
Standard Impact DeviceD
Data InterfaceUSB 2.0, Bluetooth
Optional Impact DevicesDC / D+15 / G / C / DL
Max. Workpiece Hardness996HV(For Impact Devices D / DC / DL / D+15 / C)
 646HB(For Impact Device G)
Min. Radius of Workpiece (convex/concave)Rmin = 50mm (with special support ring Rmin = 10mm )
Min. Workpiece weight2 ~ 5kg on stable support
0.05 ~ 2kg with compact coupling
Min. Workpiece thickness5mm (Impact Devices D/DC/DL/D+15)
1mm (Impact Device C)
10mm (Impact Device G)
Min. thickness of hardened layers0.8mm
PowerRechargeable Li Battery, 3.7V, Li(2000mAh)
Continuous Working timeAbout 30h
Charging time4 ~ 5 hours
Operating temperature0 ~ 40ºC
Humidity≤ 90%
Overall dimensions212 × 80 × 35 mm
Standard deliveryMain unit
Impact Device type D
Test block HLD
Table support for main unit
Connecting cable
Company certificate
Instruction manual
Dataview Software
Optional accessoriesOptional impact devices
Optional support rings
Other test blocks
Micro Printer