Ultasonic Thickness Gauge

A&B Scan GUT A10




Precision A-Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge GUTA10

1, Overview

1.1 About the GUTA10

GUTA10 is portable, digital, handheld thickness gauge and it is specifically designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primarily steel structures.

*A scan and B scan both

*Chargeable batteries

*Small, easy to hold, ergonomic, custom molded, durable case

*Automatic zero capability

*Gain boost

*Multiple dual and single element transducer options.

The GUTA10 is a wide-range model consisting of the most commonly used features in a thickness gauge not requiring a data logger. This model offers a simple user interface packaged in the same custom molded high-density plastic case and it offers gain adjustment, beep alarm. Besides, GUTA10 contains a top function which is Echo-to-Echo.

1.2 Principle and application

This instrument is a portable industrial non-destruction measurement instrument under ultrasonic measurement principle, suitable for measuring of thickness of materials in which ultrasonic can transmit at certain speed and reflect from the back.

It measures various sheet and machined parts accurately, and can monitor corrosion thickness decrease of manufacture equipment such as various pipes and pressure vessels during usage, suitable for lab and engineering field. This device can be used for quality control in manufacture, steel metallurgy, metal working and chemical etc, as well as for on-line security inspection and life evaluation in fields of aero, railway and boiler pressure vessel etc. It is a necessary instrument for non-destruction measurement industry.

This device is an ultrasonic thickness gauge with wave (A-scan) display. Its features for thickness measurement are that the echo is helpful for better measurement, avoid measurement error relating to materials, such as error due to crack or non-uniformity in practical measurement. We often need to measure thickness of materials with coatings (such as: painting and PVC coating etc). For precise measurement, it is often necessary to remove the coating, otherwise the measuring result may contain “equivalent thickness” which is times of the thickness of coating. In fact, in most cases, the corrosion-proof layer can’t be removed, and thickness gauge is calibrated on parts with coating, resulting in large measurement error. A-scan wave display ultrasonic thickness gauge can penetrate the coating and measure wall thickness of parts accurately by multi echoes.

2, Technical Specifications and functions

2.1 Technical Specifications

-Measurement range:0.15mm– 600mm

-Resolution:0.001mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm(0.01inch, 0.001inch, 0.0001inch)

-Velocity range:400-19999m/s

-Operating temperature:-10℃ - 60℃;Relative humidity (RH):∠ 90%



-Unit: mm/inch

-Power supply: Chargeable battery

-Display:3.5inch QVGA TFT-LCD(320x240 pixels)

2.2 Main function

2.2.1, Display mode:

A-Scan:Echo to Echo;

B-Scan:Time base B scan to display the workpiece profile;

General mode: large numeric view of thickness values;

Difference mode: displays the difference and thinning percentage between the actual thickness and the preset thickness;

Maximum& Minimum value capture: displays the current thickness value, minimum thickness value and maximum thickness value at the same time

Auto off:Select-able 5min、10min、20min or Manual;

Probe type:Dual crystal、High frequency delay block probe;

Alarming set:Reading color changing and Wave color changing.

Low Alarm: Audible alarm will occur when the displayed reading is less than the low alarm reference value.

High Alarm: Audible alarm will occur when the displayed reading is higher than the high alarm reference value.

2.2.2, Measuring mode:

AUTO: Automatically select the measurement mode according to the thickness of the measured work-piece;

MB-E: Calculate the transit time between the initial echo and the first bottom echo;

I-E: Calculate the time from the initial wave to the first echo;

E-E: Calculate the time of two adjacent echoes;

ME-E: Multiple continuous echoes are used for verification to achieve high-precision measurement;

2.2.3, Unit Resolution: 0.001mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm Or 0.01inch, 0.001inch, 0.0001inch;

Wave display:Contour lines and fills;

Rectifier mode:Radio frequency RF、Positive half wave POS、Negative half wave NEG、full wave FULL;

Support manual adjustment of sound speed, one-point calibration and two-point calibration;

3, Standard delivery

1Main unit1
2Dual element probe (5M)1
3Coupling gel/
4Chargeable battery/
6Hand case1

Optional probes:

Three types of Dual Crystal Probe:

TS400 10MHz Dia. 5mm Measure range: 0.6-50mm;

TS500 5MHz Dia. 5mm Measure range: 1.0-65mm;

TS510 5MHz Dia. 10mm Measure range: 1.0-500mm;

Five types of Single Crystal probe:

DTM15 15MHz Dia.6mm Measure range: 0.15-25mm;

DTM10 10Mhz Dia.6mm Measure range: 0.3-25mm;

DTM5 5MHz Dia.6mm Measure range: 1.0-25mm;

BD510 5MHz Dia.10mm Measure range: 4-1000mm;

BD212 2MHz Dia.12mm Measure range: 5-1000mm;