Main characteristics of roughness measuring instrument


1, high precision inductance sensor.

2, segment code liquid crystal display, with backlight function.

3, man-machine dialogue, intuitive interface, operation is very simple.

4, DSP chip for control and data processing, fast speed, low power consumption.

5, built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and control circuit, high capacity, no memory effect, short charging time, long continuous working time, more than 20 hours.

6, mechanical and electrical integration design, small size, light weight, easy to use.

7, with measurement storage and storage data query function.

8, the built-in standard RS232 interface can be connected to the time TA220s printer, can print all parameters.

9, with automatic shutdown, a variety of prompt information.

10, Optional curved surface sensor, small hole sensor, deep groove sensor, measuring platform, long bar and other accessories menu operation mode.