Coating Thickness Gauge GC350


●Aluminum alloy case.

●It meet standards of ISO 2178 and ISO2361 as well as DIN ASTM and BS.

●4 Digits display

●Manual or automatic shut down.

●Two measuring methods: magnetic induction (F) and eddy current (N)

●Magnetic induction (F) method is used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating on ferrous metal

●Eddy current (N) method is used to measure the thickness of non-conducting coating on non-ferrous materials

●Automatic recognition of substrate

●Data output to PC by RS232/USB; BLUE TOOTH operational, distance up to 100m.

●Metric and imperial selectable.

●Low battery indicator


Standard range: 0-1250um/0-50mil

0~200um/500um /1000um/…/18000um ( Optional )

Resolution: 0.1 um (Thickness less than 100um)

1 um (Thicker than 100um)

Accuracy: ±1~3%n or ±3um

Power Supply: 1.5v AAA X 2

Dimensions: 126x63x25mm

Minimum curvature:

F Type Convex 1.5mm/ Concave 25mm

N Type Convex 3mm/ Concave 50mm

Minimum measuring area:6mm

Minimum thickness of substrate:0.3mm

Operating conditions: 0-50℃/ Humidity<95%

Weight: 170g (With no battery)


F-Type magnetic induction

Measure thickness of Non-magnetic coating lays on magnetic substrate

Such as: enamel, rubber, paints, plastics, copper, zinc, Aluminum, Tin, powder, synthetic martial, Phosphate layers, Lead, cadmiums, Ceramic Oxide, Covering layer on Steel, Iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel.

Conductive or nonconductive coating layer is unimportant, as long as it is non-magnetic.

N-Type Eddy current

Measure the thickness of non-conductive coating layers on Non-magnetic metal substrate.

Such as: enamel, rubber, paints, plastics, powder, synthetic martial, Ceramic Oxide layers on Copper, Tin, Aluminum, Zinc, no-magnetic stainless steel, gold and silver.

Cover layer only can be insulation not conduct electricity.

Standard delivery:

1, Main unit;

2, carrying case;

3, Operation manual;

4, F&N Probe in built;

5, Calibration foils;

6, Substrate (Iron).

7, Substrate (Aluminum).

Operational accessory:

1, Measure range customized since 0-200um up to 18000um.

2.RS232C/USB, Blue tooth and Software.